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Is it safe to talk about private issues?


Everything said during the session remains confidential. 

You are not bound to continue with our cooperation after the first session. On the contrary, I recommend everyone to meet 2-3 therapists in the beginning to make sure that the selected one is indeed a good fit - personally and professionally.

I run a private practice. This means that I am not required to keep official documentation of your case for the insurance house. However, I keep a record of my clients for professional purposes. I usually write few sentences about our session, what was the main focus, my ideas about how to move forward with the process, billing information etc.

As a licensed therapist, I am required to undergo required hours of supervision every year. This means I visit senior therapist - supervisor- with whom I share my progress or concerns relating to my profession and my case load. If I talk about my clients, I always strictly blur their identity - no names, specific situations or other identifying factors are disclosed. I adhere to the ethical code of APA and EAP.

If you have any further questions relating to how I create safe space for my clients, please contact me.


Do you work on-line?


You bet:-)

I provide in-person as well as on-line sessions. Clients usually opt for the mix of the two approaches. Usually we start in-person and use on-line option as an add-on to save time or in case clients are out of town or mildy sick.

During strict (pandemic/epidemic) restrictions, I prefer to work with all clients on-line in order to protect our health. However, I am still available for in-person sessions during which we both/all need to wear face masks.

You can book your first session here, or email me and I will get back to you with couple available dates.

What will happen during the first therapy session?


The first session serves as an introduction for both of us. You will have approximately 40min to tell me what brings you into my office and what do you want to work on.

I may ask you some questions to understand your story better. I may also start drawing a genogram - basic family tree which will help us understand where you come from.

When you come as couple, I will try to understand your story from both perspectives. I will always work with the two of you - we will not have seperate sessions with one of the partners individually.


Towards the end of the session, I will try to wrap up and suggest options for our cooperation. I will also summarize terms and conditions of our potential cooperation.

I may refer you to other professional in the health field if necessary - such as psychiatrist or body therapist. This happens rarely - usually in cases where I do not feel properly qualified for your issue and assume that someone else would be able to help you more effectively.

You can book your first session here.


How often should I come?


According to research, individuals in psychotherapy that are seen more frequently recover more quickly than individuals being seen less frequently. The generally recommended frequency is once per week. If time or money are of concern, I recommend to come on weekly basis for the first five sessions and then take few weeks off and have another set of weekly sessions and so forth.


Sessions last 50min. The session starts at the agreed time. If you are delayed, that time is unfortunately lost :-(. In case you need to reschedule your session, please do it 24h in advance. Later notices lead to full payment for the session.

How long will it last?


Generally, the cooperation can last from few sessions to number of years. The rule of thumb is to count with 5-10 sessions to tackle one-off problem or issue. If you want to work on in-depth exploration of who you are and what your potential is, I usually recommend to invest one session for every year of your life. 30 sessions - equalling approximately half a year/year-long cooperation usually lead to profound changes.


What is your qualification?


I have master's degree from La Salle University, Philadelphia, USA in the field of Clinical counseling in psychology (2012). In 2018, I have qualified as jungian/analytic psychologist in the Czech Society for Analytical Psychology and became member of Czech Association for Psychotherapy. 

Since then, I work on my continuing education especially in the field of couples counseling (e.g. EFT training for couples). 

Since 2020, I am a board member of Czech Association for Psychotherapy.

My "first career" was in finance. I used to be a junior auditor, manager in M&A and business development manager in Big4 company (2004-2012). I used to be member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)


Why is therapy in English "more expensive"?

Services in English language are the standard of my practice reflecting my qualification background, continuous professional development investments and economic sustainability of my practice. I am aware that I provide services for privileged groups (often employees of multinational corporations) who can afford to pay for psychotherapy and counseling. To keep my client portfolio varied I (i) offer discounts to less privileged groups, (ii) support benefit programs of health insurance houses and (iii) provide pro bono (free) services to those in need. Please contact me if you feel you cannot afford my services.

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