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Blossom into life!

Being a foreigner in Prague can feel a bit lonely.

When you decided to relocate you looked for the adventure, you wanted to try something new.


But now? You miss friends in your home country, your family.

You can't get a grasp of the bloody language. 

You feel a bit stuck...

...stuck in a job you no longer like but somehow can't leave it? 

...stuck in a multilingual relationship which no longer feels good?

...stuck in your appartment? 


We all have moments in life when we need someone to talk to.


Do you feel like talking?

Dominika_Čechová_Psychoterapeutka Praha


Being a therapist was never on top of my list.

Growing up in a divorced family, I gave up my child dream of becoming medical doctor and focused on my financial sustainability.

After spending two semesters in USA and Greece, I dreamt of having a corporate job which would make me independent of any man in my life.

And I made it! I became the youngest appointed manager in my company... and quickly became stuck in the golden cage of the corporate world.

Before my 30th birthday, my goals seemed to be accomplished.

I had a generously paying job, long-term relationship, paid mortgage and brand new german car. What else could you possibly want from life, right?

Well, much more :-)


Couple months before I actually turned thirty, I started to study masters program in clinical counseling and psychology at University of La Salle (2011) because I was bored from all the corporate life around me. 

And it changed my life!

I dug deep into exploring my current life, questioning my intentions and changing my behaviors. I learned that there is more to life than performance and money. 

Over the next four years, I completely changed my life: broke up with my spouse, left my job, started a new career, met my future husband and gave birth to a baby girl.

I continued with my professional education: finished five-year-long training in analytical psychology and worked on enriching my practice with couples therapy (Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples).

Since 2020, I am board member of Czech association for Psychotherapy, largest professional body in CZ.

I am grateful for all obstacles I am facing in my life and I am trying to turn them into opportunities.

Are you considering a life change?

Are you curious about who you are?

Do you want to work on your self?

About me

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

C. G. Jung


I work with adult English speakers from all around the world who live and work in Prague. Some of my clients suffer in their jobs and want better future for themselves.


Some clients are facing difficulties in relationships - they are too intraverted to make new friends, or tired from too many social relations without being able to settle down. Others have not yet separated from their parents' influence.


Multilingual couples who visit me are suffering from lack of communication skills, lack of intimacy & closeness and infidelity & trust issues. They still care about each other but have difficulties making their relationship work.

Together, we are trying to make sense of life's obstacles, understand how the past influences the present. In the initial stages we focus on the family of origin and its culture and relationships and how they relate to client's life.

Learn more about my approach in an informed consent.

I also provide services for corporate clients.

Our cooperation


You can book your session via email or telephone (I prefer text messages). 

Please check out my Informed consent where you can find important information about our cooperation

You can pay for the packages via benefit cards.

I am partner of VZP, and other insurance houses in their mental health support program.

For improving my services, I use client feedback program Deepsy


I encourage long-term cooperation, therefore I offer discounted packages (5% discount for advance payment of 5 sessions, 10% discount for 10 sessions).

I offer my services in-person or on-line. I am available Tue through Thu.


In case you need to reschedule or cancel your session, please do so with at least 24 hours notice by text message to +420 602 735 215. Later changes lead to full payment of the session.

Individual session (50min. in person or on-line): CZK 2,000

Couples session (50min. in person or on-line):   CZK 3,000

I am looking forward to our cooperation!

3f94d9305e80315f84fb64f20fe8316a_resize=800,540_.jpg | Na poříčí 12 | Praha 1


My private practice is located in

the center of Prague.

You can find my office on the 4th floor

of YMCA palace  

just across from Palladium Shopping center.


Tram & metro stop Náměstí Republiky.

I also provide telehealth services through any platform of choice (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeets etc).

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